Top 10 sources of meeting room issues

Tips to locating the source of your meeting room problems.

Here are some items to look for which indicate how you can self-resolve problems in your #MeetingSpace or #VideoConferencing Room.

If you answer Yes to any of the below and the reset instructions do not resolve the issue, please contact our Support team for help.

  1. Power
    First, check to make sure all the pieces in your room have power. Is there power coming from the wall outlet? Have you tried swapping the power supply?
  2. LED Indicator Lights
    Does the unit(s) in question show any amber or red indicator lights?
    If yes, reset the power on the unit. Once the unit powers back on, if the same issue is happening and amber or red indicator lights are still on, then take a video of the lights so we can help diagnose the problem using the blinking pattern & length.
  3. Noise
    Is there an abnormal noise in the room? Can you isolate which unit the noise is coming from? 
    Reset the power on the unit making noise if you can. If after the power reset the issue continues, take a video of the unit and try to capture the noise so we can help diagnose the problem.
  4. Cables + Connectors
    Can you verify that the cables are seated firmly in the port? Ensure there are no visible kinks or damage to any cables. <add image>
  5. Damage
    Is there any visible damage to the exterior of the unit?
  6. Firmware or Software Updates
    Has there been any recent updates to any PCs that are in the room? Are any of the units displaying a notice that a firmware or software update is needed?
  7. The Surrounding Environment
    Has there been any construction onsite recently? In the hallway, a neighbouring room, or even on the floor above or below where the room is? Is there a rack with hardware associated to the room, and does it appear to have adequate ventilation or is the hardware or rack area very hot?
  8. Battery Operated Devices
    Check to see if the battery has expanded in the unit, or if the batteries have been recently replaced. Confirm that any batteries are sititng in their proper - + positions.
  9. Your Network
    Confirm that the unit is connected to your WAN or LAN or Wifi. Did the IP address or password recently change for the network or the unit?
  10. Displays
    Verify that the correct input  /source is updated to the device you are trying to share. Is there a sleep timer setting that has been activated? Turn off any sleep timer settings that occur during business hours, and notify your IT team that you made changes.

If you answer Yes to any of the above and the reset instructions do not resolve the issue, please contact our Support team for help.



The ET Group Support team can be reached at for additional assistance.