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What do ET Group support programs not cover?

Out of Scope

ET Group has base levels that are excluded unless your contract stipulates otherwise.

General Exclusions

The following services are not included in this Agreement. Extra Fees may be charged if service is requested for the following:

  • Support of AV hardware or related meeting software that was not originally designed or installed by ET Group and is not explicitly outlined in this Agreement and processed via our Onboarding Health Check.
  • Deficient components/rooms must be resolved prior to the Room being onboarded for the Service Program. Hardware replacement costs are not covered by this agreement.
  • Incidents associated with the support of infrastructure and/or IT systems.
  • Support outside of Onsite Response Hours.
  • Failure caused by abuse, misuse, or negligence.
  • No problem found (tech onsite identifies equipment is functioning as designed).
  • Damage caused by fire or natural or environmental conditions or faulty utility services such as poor, unconditioned, or fluctuating power.
  • Requested net new functionality to covered equipment and/or user preference change.
  • Network configuration changes.
  • Programming additions or changes.
  • Technician scheduled but room not available for access.
  • Updates to Firmware and/or Software aside from Manufacture Required updates.

Infrastructure & Network Connectivity Exclusions

Client’s Unified Communications (UC) and/or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider is excluded from this agreement. This includes licensing, EULA, Hypervisors, and timelines that may affect AV hardware support originating from any of these items.

Client is responsible for network infrastructure technologies including but not limited to data center routing/switching, enterprise networking (LAN/WAN), application delivery controllers, enterprise wireless LAN, DNS, DHCP, firewall (L3-L7), network packet brokers, IPS/IDS, Load Balancers, Software Defined Network (SDN), and web application firewalls.

Network Readiness is the responsibility of the client and to be performed prior to installation and/or onboarding of the equipment:

  • All firewall remediation
  • All network throughput testing
  • Proxies, WAN accelerators, Identity Services Engines

It is anticipated that when changes to the above are made, that information will be communicated to the ET Group Helpdesk to help expedite Ticket resolution.

Client is responsible for the following infrastructure or network connectivity:

  1. Configuration of the UCaaS Tenant to support the UCaaS Room Hardware.
  2. Testing, training, and onboarding of UCaaS software and any related features.
  3. Operating System (OS) updates for UCaaS Room Hardware.
  4. Client will need to provide detailed logs outlining any issues with the solution is related to the UCaaS Room Hardware, at which point ETG will exercise the support agreement for providing additional support.

Any infrastructure or network services not listed in the Scope of Work are the responsibility of the Client.