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What process does the ET Group Help Desk follow when I submit a ticket?

ET Group Incident Management

Incident Management

Our team will manage all incidents, and each ticket will follow our established process:

  1. Incident communication is received.
  2. Ticket is created in our incident management software.
  3. Incident troubleshooting commences.
    1. Level 1 performed by Helpdesk Client Services Representative (CSR) to triage information, provide basic resolutions and assign a Level 2 or 3 agent as needed.
    2. Level 2 performed by Remote Technician to diagnose, guide, and attempt to resolve issues with equipment functionality remotely via video codecs or other on-site devices. Assigns a Level 3 agent as needed.
    3. Level 3 deploys Onsite Support with AV Technician for advanced troubleshooting & resolution.
  4. Incident is resolved.
    1. Issue Call Report including resolution information is sent via email.
    2. Ticket is closed.